September 22, 2020

52nd Society of Toxicology of Canada Symposium

On December 2nd, 2020, Guy was invited to present at the virtual 52nd Society of Toxicology of Canada Symposium. The symposium theme was: "Connecting The Dots from Benchtop to Human and Environmental Risk". Guy's presentation was entitled "Selenium Risk Assessment: The Saga of a Complex Metalloid with Significant Toxicological and Regulatory Challenges".


Over the past 10-15 years, selenium, a metalloid, has been the subject of much attention in the research literature, regulatory policy and guidance, and the news media. The paradox in understanding this fascinating element revolves around the fact that selenium is – at the same time - both an essential nutrient for living organisms, and, at certain concentrations/doses, a toxicant for egg-laying vertebrates.

This presentation explored the journey of selenium’s emergence and evolution as a contaminant of concern, from both toxicological and regulatory perspectives.