December 8, 2021

Guy Gilron (Borealis Principal) receives the Coal Association of Canada's 2020/2021 Award of Distinction

Guy is very proud and humbled to have received the Coal Association of Canada’s Award of Distinction for 2020/2021. It is an honour to receive this important accolade, in recognition of his work and collaboration with coal sector colleagues. Guy is proud to have supported this organization in the application of environmental science in the development of policy, regulation, and water science communication over the past 15 years.

Special thanks to Robin Campbell and Reise O’Hara, both of whom supported Guy's work during their tenure. He also thanks David Thompson (Chief Geologist at Conuma Coal) for spearheading the nomination, and other colleagues who supported the nomination for this Award, and recognized my contributions.


Recognition Video:

Acceptance Speech: