October 4, 2021

Guy Gilron Presents on Selenium Regulation at the EPRI Selenium Summit

The Selenium Summit will be a virtual forum to discuss and present current state of technology regarding Selenium treatment and removal from impacted waters. This forum is for users, technologist, vendors and academics to share ideas and current state of practices.

During this event, we will review current research and pilot and full scale operations and outcomes pertinent to Selenium treatment. The objective of this summit is to provide information on tools, methods, and technology that enable selenium treatment and removal from industrial process water as well as identify microbes relevant to wastewater treatment in power generation and mining applications. We will focus on passive and biological systems related to denitrification, selenium reduction, and biochemical conversions of other species. Te summit will also provide content and material designed for plant chemists and engineers as well as consulting engineers, academics and technologists.

Topics covered will be:

• Biogeochemistry basics

• Microbial metabolism

• Sampling techniques

• DNA extraction

• DNA sequence analysis

• Community characterization

• Community comparison

• Advanced microbial analysis

• Applied microbial ecology in industrial settings

• Bioreactors

• Modelling of reactions and biological systems

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