May 6, 2021

Guy Gilron to Co-Chair Session on Mining at the SETAC North America 42nd Annual Meeting

Guy Gilron will be co-chairing the session "Mining - Innovative Approaches to Monitoring, Assessing and Remediating Contaminants of Concern at Mine Sites" at the SETAC North America 42nd Annual Meeting at the Portland Convention Center in Portland, Oregon on November 14-18, 2021.

Guy's co-chair is Karen Béchard of GeoSyntec Consultants.

Session Abstract

Mining is a billion-dollar industry across North America, responsible for the extraction and production of metals, industrial minerals, and coal, which is anticipated to grow significantly due to rising demands for mineral-based products, the green economy, COVID-19 medical supply demands, and the development of large economies, such as China and India. Regulations on this industry, and specifically on mine effluents, are becoming increasingly more stringent; moreover, environmental social governance is a high priority for the industry. Due to these pressures, mining companies are actively involved in research and implementation of sustainable solutions to conscientiously minimize adverse effects to the environment and protect sensitive ecosystems. As a result, mining companies are often leading the science in applying innovative monitoring, assessment, predictive modeling and remediation/restoration tools that are measurably beneficial. This session invites submissions on novel, or enhanced methods, techniques, or technologies that have been applied in the mining sector, to address various environmental challenges specific to the sector.