Human Health Risk Assessment

Independent Review of Health Canada's Selenium Drinking Water Guideline

Cameco Corporation

Borealis was retained by Cameco Corporation to conduct a comprehensive scientific review of the draft “Selenium in Drinking Water - Document for Public Comment. Prepared by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water.” (Health Canada, 2013). The main focus of the review was on the toxicological/risk assessment basis for the change in the guideline – in particular, from the previous 10 ppb guideline (Health Canada, 1992) to a newly-proposed guideline of 50 ppb (Health Canada, 2013; draft) – and the associated rationale proposed for this change. This work was informed by previous research conducted on this topic, and a published article entitled: "The Selenium Drinking Water Quality Guideline in Canada: The Case for a Re-evaluation" (Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. 8(1): 194-196.)