Environmental Impact Assessment - Coordination and Integration, Regulatory Liaison

Environmental Assessment, Baseline Programs - Red Mountain Gold Project

IDM Mining

Borealis was retained by IDM Mining Ltd. to conduct various aspects of the environmental assessment (EA) for the Red Mountain Gold Project. The scope of work included the following tasks:

Overall senior coordination of all aquatic baseline studies in support of both the EA, and future permitting (e.g., BC Mines Act  permit), including: water quality evaluations, hydrometric monitoring, fish and fish habitat assessments, fish population studies, aquatic invertebrate studies (collections and community assessment), periphyton community collections and assessment, fish, aquatic invertebrate and periphyton tissue collection and assessment, aquatic toxicity investigations, evaluation of aquatic species at risk.

Senior review and evaluation of effects assessments comprising the integration of the aquatic components above.

Senior direction and review of predictive human and ecological risk assessments based on data collected from various aspects of baseline studies, including aquatic ecological data and human health measures (related to drinking water).

Field design of all baseline studies, including: delineation of local study area and regional study area, selection of sampling stations, selection and modification of sampling and analytical methods, quality assurance and quality control measures.

Liaison and interaction with regulatory stakeholders (various jurisdictions), First Nations (Nisga’a Nation) staff and council, via a technical, multi-stakeholder working group related to baseline studies, effects assessment, and the overall EA.

On the basis of these and the other EA components, the project was successfully granted an Environmental Assessment Certificate.