Graham Matheson

Junior Environmental Scientist

Vancouver, BC

Graham Matheson is a young biologist, conservationist, andfood systems activist. Recently graduated from the University of BritishColumbia, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology from the Facultyof Land and Food Systems in 2020. His research interests include marineconservation, the intersections between biological systems and human food webs,salmon aquaculture, and ethnoecology. He has research experience in theforaging behaviours of wild and hatchery-reared salmon, the effects oftemperature on juvenile white sturgeon, social and foraging behaviours ofnorthwest crows, and biodiversity monitoring in an urban agroecosystem. Alifelong cook and experienced urban farmer, Graham is passionate about food andagriculture, and advocates for transformative changes to food systems thatpromote biodiversity, ecological sustainability, and economic justice.